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A Ninja Slob Drew Me is a project of Daniel James Brown, an extended range bassist and music producer, who creates moody atmospheric music that combines elements of a large number of genres, ranging from post-rock, to film soundtracks, to trip-hop.

He creates songs that are immersive and evocative, connecting with the listener in a way that doesn’t require a traditional singer/songwriter structure.

A Ninja Slob Drew Me has created a range of largely instrumental albums that are on a pay what you want basis (including the option to download for free) on Bandcamp.

He offers music for free use in films, games, podcasts and other media projects or can create original soundtracks, with music by A Ninja Slob Drew Me already appearing in a large number of online videos. Click here to find out more.



A Ninja Slob Drew Me creates atmospheric music that combines intricate extended range bass compositions with programmed elements to create a unique blend of ambient, experimental sounds and textures.

'Deleted Water' – A Ninja Slob Drew Me (Live at the Art House, 11/07/2015)

Finger-tapping beautiful, ambient textures from an 8-string bass over trip-hop sound textures and occasionally delving into moments of distorted chaos, albiet still within the realms of carefully crafted beauty.  A Ninja Slob Drew Me produce chill-out music that is both awe inspiring for the musicians in the crowd and tastefully exquisite listening for the casual music fan in need of something with a little bit more thought than the average Top 40 record.” – Mike Spall, Mintsouth

“From the first time I heard that, it absolutely just threw me sideways.” Mark Ryan, Amazing Radio about the track Inside from the We Are; EP.

Dan plays a custom made left handed seven string bass, created by Ramsay Musical Instruments. The bass is a Neutrino model, a long scale 34″ with neck-thru construction, swamp ash body, Delano SBC quad-coil pickups and Delano preamp.

Music by A Ninja Slob Drew Me has been featured on:

Tom Robinson’s BBC Radio 6 Music show and Introducing show
Phantom Circuit Podcast
Amazing Beats show on Amazing Radio
The Local Showcase on Eagle Extra
Shifted Sound podcast
Positive Creations Movie




Retreat is the new album by A Ninja Slob Drew Me.

A Ninja Slob Drew Me is the project of Daniel James Brown, who has on previous albums brought in other musicians for individual tracks to add to the range of sounds available for what was essentially a solo project. For Retreat, he has embraced the spirit of collaboration, with the majority of tracks utilising the violin and vocal talents of Jo Stevens and Oliver Barnett on drums. This gives the album a rich, full sound and feel, which benefits from this extra input whilst continuing to explore the possibilities established by previous albums.

The songs are inspired by a range of ideas, but what unites them is a concerned and sometimes pessimistic look at the outside world. The album opens with the most optimistic song, Retreat, inspired by the natural wonders and culture of Iceland. This is followed by songs inspired by the rise and fall of empires through history, the conflict between capitalism and the environment, and even a song inspired by the film Robocop’s portrayal of a future shaped by out of control business greed.

More concise and darker than previous offerings, Retreat is ambitious both in its exploration of the possibilities afforded by its collaborative nature and in the range of themes it portrays in an atmospheric, often cinematic style.

Click here to find out about using music by A Ninja Slob Drew Me in a media project.

All music on this page is available on a pay what you want basis, including the option to download for free.

[Before/After, Tilt]

[Before/After, Tilt] – Eleven tracks of solo eight string bass instrumentals and experimental concepts.

Sampler cover

Sampler – A compilation of some of the best tracks from the four previous albums. This is a great place to start listening. Available for free download.

We Are; cover

‘We Are;’

Six atmospheric and conceptual instrumental tracks.

“In brief, it’s incredibly good. And it represents a massive artistic step forward from One Week. It’s still very much a Ninja Slob album – you can immediately identify any of the songs as having Dan’s trademark all over it – but at the same time it’s quite different from previous endeavours.”  “With this EP Brown has produced his most cohesive work to date. It’s also his most mature – it’s hard to explain exactly why, but the playing style, and the way the music is composed comes across as being a lot more self-assured than before. We Are is the work of an artist who has found hs voice, and is comfortable using it.”  – Tom Darby

One Week in Sand cover

One Week in Sand – The second full length album from ANSDM; an experimental mix of ambient, electronic, instrumental and much much more, through 14 tracks of personal concepts and ideas.

“Inspired by a childhood on the Isle of Wight, a loss, the resulting journey back to the Island and the lifetime in between. This album is a reflection on the experiences that shape a person….whilst different genres are played with, including classical, jazz, avant garde and electronica, risking getting hopelessly lost, it all retains an onward flow and the sense that it all ties together…” – J.Haskin



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